Cartiera San Martino S.p.A. was established by Cerrone family around 1890 along the bank of Fibreno River in San Martino –Broccostella- in the heart of the so called “Valle del Liri”.

The Company operates in the paper sector producing pasteboards of various thickness both grey and colored, cardboards of different bulk using waste and shredded paper.

The industrial complex is composed by several buildings each one for the different machineries: two paper machines, a laminating machine, storage warehouses, raw materials, finished products, office buildings, cargo areas, parking lots and green area. Moreover the industrial complex includes equipment and systems for the proper functioning of the various services.

Currently the Company is composed by 54 people including managers, employees, technicians and workers. Thanks to the constant monitoring of production processes and efficiency of purification plants, the quality of product, maximum safety during the whole production line and the minimum environmental impact are guaranteed. In this regard in 1990 the Company certified its organization according to the rules: UNI EN ISO 9001. At a later time it signed on Forest Stewardship Council© Chain of Custody (FSC® – CoC ) FSC-C020384 and Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification – Schemes Chain of Custody (PEFC-CoC).

The Company operates in national and international markets counting box manufacturing plants, bookbinders and wholesalers among its customers.

Our mission is to stand out in our sector producing high-quality paper, answer market needs and protect the environment. Serving our customers and achieving their complete satisfaction is our main goal. For this reason we provide products that really satisfy customer’s needs; we guarantee on time deliveries with procedures established by contract, coherent and competitive prices, appropriate support and reliable deliveries. We also care about training all our human resources, using IT tools to improve the Company efficiency and developing potential synergies among our departments and employees.

Vision: for the future the Company is committed to innovate and invest into machineries in order to satisfy any customer demand. Lastly our paper mill we has been also producing energy since 2008 thanks to a combined heat and power plant.